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How It Works

Gain peace of mind knowing your digital images are protected!

Connected Backup for PC automatically backs up your digital image library whenever you are connected to the Internet. Your digital images are encrypted and transmitted safely over the Internet to our highly secure, geographically separated, redundant data centers. Complete backups take only minutes, even while you check email or surf the Web.

Automatic backup, easy image retrieval


Register and install Connected Backup for PC on the PC on which the data you want to protect resides.


Allow the software to detect your digital images, or select which files or folders you want to back up.


Connected Backup for PC does the rest. Your data will be available for easy retrieval, up to the last time you backed up.

On-demand image retrieval

When the time comes, your digital images are easily accessed using your own computer. Or, if your computer is unavailable for any reason, you can retrieve your digital images on any computer with Windows, Internet Explorer, and an Internet connection. All it takes is a few mouse clicks. Individual digital images are instantly accessible.

You can even migrate data to a newly purchased PC!