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Simply select the Unlimited Storage Plan below then register for the Connected Backup for PC and Mac software. Your order will be fulfilled and you will receive an email from Autonomy. It's a simple installation process, then you are ready to perform an initial backup.

Are there any restrictions to what I can backup?  No. You may backup everything on your PC. By default, the software will search for and backup all Microsoft Office Documents. You may choose additional files and folders to backup.

System Requirements

Before you begin, ensure the computer you want to protect meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.

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Unlimited Storage for PC

$8.95/month $99.95/year

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Unlimited Storage for Mac

$8.95/month $99.95/year

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* Don't see a plan that fits your needs or wish to backup Servers in your environment? Click here to provide feedback to our team.

All plans backup data files only, see FAQ for details. Learn more about our policy on file retention. All pricing in USD.

Not intended for servers. Terms, conditions, pricing, special offers, features and service options subject to change without notice.  Connected Backup for PC and Mac is provided by Autonomy Inc. Autonomy reserves the right to cancel your subscription account at any time.